Year of Return, Ghana 2019


The “Year of Return, Ghana 2019” is a major landmark marketing campaign targeting the African – American and Diaspora Market to mark 400 years of the of the first enslaved African arriving in Jamestown Virginia. The Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) under the Auspices of the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture is leading the project in collaboration with the Office of Diaspora Affairs at the Office of the President, the Panafest Foundation and the Adinkra Group of USA.


The Year of Return seeks to make Ghana the focus for millions of African descendants reacting to their marginalisation by tracing their ancestry and identity. By this, Ghana becomes the beacon for African people living on the continent and the diaspora.


The United States Congress recently passed an Act H.R. 1242 – 400 Years of African-American which is a historically significant milestone. Ghana’s unique position as the location for 75 per cent of the slave dungeons built on the west coast of Africa and the current President’s policy of making it a national priority to extend a hand of welcome back home to Africans in the diaspora cannot be over emphasised.




We've visited Ghana and here is a taste of our experience 


                                My name is Juliet Creary I am a wife, a mother, a Registered Nurse and the proud founder of My Sisters Our                                                      Stories.  My Sisters Our Stories is an organization that provides a platform for women to share their stories of                                                 success despite adversities.  Since inception of this organization, I have had the privilege of supporting and                                                 sponsoring a variety of initiatives that have helped many women around the world.  Initiatives such as providing                                             mammogram vouchers for women in Jamaica get free breast examinations; providing breakfast items for the                                                   homeless in Brampton; Supporting seniors in Ghana with medical needs and much more.

In April of 2018, I experienced one of the most life changing chapters of my life. I answered a pulling on my heart and took the pilgrimage journey back to the Mother land, I went to Ghana. Wow, what an amazing spiritual journey that was, one I will never forget. When we landed in Ghana, I thought to myself, if I do nothing else in this life and I died today, I have completed my life circle and I have returned home. The beautiful kind hearted people, the magnificent cultural arts, the vibrant fabrics and the mouth dropping landscapes and vivacious markets that entices all your five senses are among the many reasons why Ghana is a destination for all people of African heritage. 

The President of Ghana Nana Akufa-Addo declares 2019 “The Year of Return”. He has extended a personal invitation to people of African heritage to come home. I have accepted the invitation and would love for YOU, to join be on the journey back home.


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