Juliet Creary


Stories which cleanse, empower and inspire...


“We need to go through, in order to get through”
~ Juliet Creary RN

My Sisters Our Stories


"We delight in the beauty of the butterfly, but rarely admit the changes it has gone through to achieve that beauty”

~ Maya Angelou

Ours is an organization which offers a platform for women to share their stories of triumph despite adversities. The women sharing their stories will find the experience to be cleansing, empowering and therapeutic. The women receiving the stories will find them inspiring, encouraging and empowering as well.

This setting provides a soft networking platform from which women entrepreneurs can make the valuable connections which can move them forward in their businesses. 




Our mission is to provide a platform for women to be
 empowered mentally, spiritually, physically and financially.



Why should you be a member of this group of women?

  • Create lasting friendships, sisterhood, and camaraderie

  • Weekly inspirational blogs

  • Opportunity to have YOUR story showcased in the e-newsletter

  • Monthly e-newsletter containing inspiring stories

  • Discount entry fees for our events

  • Opportunity to connect and communicate with other group members

  • Opportunities to promote your business at our events

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